Within Element · Launch Party · Social


19:30 - 22:30

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are encouraged

► SPECIAL EVENT: Within Element · Launch and Social
Featuring Cerise Carson, Mona Okulla Obua, Turke Chini, Viola Claxton, Jinan Vyent.

TUE, Aug 27th, 2019
Start: 19:30 h

✨ · ABOUT ·

Within Element – WE is a growing community by PoC for PoC.

➡️ Who are we?
WE established as a reaction to the pressing need for self-care in our community. Mainstream mental health institutions are often not a safe, affordable or welcoming space for people of color unfortunately. WE support PoC self-care by creating safe spaces for our community and providing assistance within different topics.

➡️ How?
As we reflect on our pains constructed by the context of our past experiences, we learn to find strength in our wounds. Strengthening ourselves, we learn to live in balance with our bodies and mind and find ways to pass this on to others.

➡️ Why?
WE are here to find the ME.


Join us as we introduce ourselves and give you a peek of what Within Element will be creating in the future.

*POC only: With the term „POC only”, we would like to point out that these workshops and events are aimed exclusively at people who position themselves as People of Color. This means; people who are categorised as non-white by the white population. In order to give racially discriminated people an opportunity to articulate their thoughts within a „safe space“, without experiencing exclusion and avoiding the paternalism of a majority of white participants, we create certain spaces exclusively.


Viola Claxton

Viola grew up on the country side of North Germany, as the child of a German-Trinidadian couple. Early on and through the circumstances of life, she learned how she was perceived differently. It created emotional wounds and left certain scars behind. After many years of trying to adapt, she has gained strength as a body-positive activist. For the past 10 years, Viola is happy to find a place she can call home in open and multicultural Berlin. The role of women in society and their free development such as sexual self-determination, are topics that move her. She shares her experiences as a POC daughter, wife and mother, wants to encourage those that can relate and create a space for rethinking. As a psychological and health worker, she is committed to real body awareness and radical self-determination. As a part of Within Element, Viola wants to support those with similar struggles and desires to encourage other women to successfully go their own way.

Mona Okulla Obua

For Mona, Yoga means healing. Struggling from depression since her teenage years, she had to find her own methods of healing when nothing else seemed to helped. This is when Yoga came into her life. In her opinion, it is so much more than a physical practice and she came to understand the full capacity of Yoga when she traveled to India, where she became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher. The ancient wisdom that lays in yoga philosophy blew her mind. We can learn so much from Indian culture, especially in the West where we suffer from a lack of religion, a sense of community and rituals. Being aware of cultural appropriation and what harm it can do, she tries to preserve what her Indian teachers taught her and pass it onto her students in a humble and respectful way. In her classes she likes to explore topics like trauma and awareness, creating a safe space for PoC. She also provides guidance in how to build a protection layer against racism and discrimination through a regular yoga practice.

Cerise Carson

Cerise lives a non-activism vegan and gluten free life, spreading her knowledge through experience she gained living in both Germany and the US. From developing an eating disorder that lasted over two decades, carrying out a healthy child in her early twenties, to being diagnosed with celiac disease due to her eating disorder; she found peace in the statement “Change starts immediately after you find purpose”.

Food has always played a big role in her life. The environmental and political changes throughout the years, also changed the way Cerise sees food. For example how it can allow you to heal and gain strength, needed to deal and cope with the restrictions and boundaries we might be facing. Constantly working on a good balance of changing one’s mind, Cerise is simple when it comes to her lifestyle, breaking stigmas around food, diet culture, eating disorders and retaliating against taboos.

“There’s a story behind each madness and just because you are a Person of Color, you shouldn’t have to feel alone and not deserving of a voice and the needed care”.
This care could come in several forms. By hosting workshops around the questions “who are you’ and “how do you feel”, by creating a rescue box, uncovering hidden feelings, building a “feeling vocabulary”, developing an intuitive relationship with your emotions, increasing rational thought through emotional labeling and beginning to notice themes of recurrent emotions. This will utilise internal strengths, through reflecting and finding reasons to heal. All while in a safe space, gaining strength within your element.

Turke Chini

Turke Chini is an Afghan-Dutch poet and communication & innovation coach. Her work is a meditation on the human, the female and the refugee body navigating planet Earth. Her recent work ¨A letter to my upper class white friends¨ is an expression of her experience as an Afghan refugee girl growing up in the Netherlands. By sharing her story she hopes to inspire others to share theirs. She is passionate about healing through unpacking, self-understanding and self-acceptance. She runs workshops on trauma & storytelling for people of color in Berlin and will continue doing so in collaboration with Within Element. Her aim with these workshops is to create a space for self-reflection and sharing.

The workshops consist of body, breath and writing tools. She encourages processes of self-analysis and vulnerability to confront how unexamined perceptions and sensations have become our inner mirror and how this affects us on a daily basis. Only by becoming aware of the stories we tell ourselves, we can start rewriting our characters.

Jinan Vyent

Jinan was born and raised in Amsterdam, to a Dutch father and a Surinamese mother. The conflict that arises from having a mixed cultural background creates many questions and hurdles, and is one of the red threads in her work. Being a POC in a white patriarchal system comes with specific struggles, which should be handled with specific care. The (German) mental health system is mostly not geared to assist us and she dreams of a community risen from this struggle. A community in which we help and support each other.

Through her previous work with kids and youth (ages between 6 and 27), she also tackled other topics such as addiction and mental health. As a certified social cultural worker, she’s been a mentor and curated workshops and sharing circles focused on the above-mentioned. Through Within Element, she will be curating sharing circles that address a multitude of subjects such as mental health, (domestic) violence and other societal struggles. Having dealt and still dealing with some of these issues, she realised one of the best ways of ‘therapy’ is simply just listening instead of talking. Sometimes in order to see your own reflection, you need to allow others to be your mirror. Sharing circles help with that; they give you different perspectives and hopefully aid you in getting to know yourself better. Plus, sometimes all you need is just to be with people you know are experiencing something similar. To just feel safe, to feel heard and to feel seen. And sometimes, just to simply feel.


This event is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards the artists.

be’kech [anticafé · coworking space · bar] Exerzierstr. 14
13357 Berlin- Wedding
(U8 + U9/ Pankstr., Osloer Str.)


We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racism, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. be’kech is a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other. If someone/something is bothering you, please approach a member of staff who are here to help!


There are three steps to enter be’kech and the bathrooms are on the lower level. Regrettably, the bathrooms are inaccessible for wheelchair users due to the design of the building.

Whilst the bathrooms are gendered by law, we encourage guests to use whichever facilities they identify with. Bathroom policing will not be tolerated.

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