WA(i)VE- Women Of Colour Arts Exchange Group


13:00 - 15:00

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

5 cents per minute per person - Brunch included

Find the event on Facebook here.

WA(i)VE- WOC Artists in Vernacular Expression, is an artist exchange group specifically designed for WOC (non-cis, cis, trans,non-binary woc) who are looking for a safe, supportive, creative space where we can intimately hone our creative skills and strengthen the ways in which we tell our stories, all the while tapping into our beautifully unique vernacular voices that stem from all parts of the Diaspora.
Meeting once a month, we will use a variety of creative prompts that encourage us to expand our artistic expressions. By writing/creating/sketching/song-writing/choreographing/sharing together, we create a supportive group for both new and experienced artists. This gives us the opportunity to exchange feedback,collaborate, and most importantly, build a network of artists, academics, writers, and those involved in the arts that can give support to one another in all aspects of the creative process.


How do I register?
Please send an email to info@rhearamjohn.com to register for WA(i)VE by the Saturday before our meeting.

Where is it?
Exerzierstraße 14
13357 Berlin
We will be meeting at Cafe be’kech in Wedding. This is an amazing cafe and co-working space, run by POC, and supports POC. Their unique concept allows us to keep costs for our meeting, very low.

Why does the WA(i)VE meeting cost 6 EURO?
be’kech has a unique co-working concept- you pay for the time spent at the cafe which includes a continental buffet and beverages. When you arrive at the cafe, please check in at the front desk. The time you arrive will be noted, and from then on, you pay 5 cents per minute until you decide to check out. 5 cents/minute includes free Wi-Fi, fresh coffee & tea, vegan and vegetarian buffet (locally sourced, seasonal, organic) and cozy and comfortable co-working facilities. This is a kid-friendly zone!

Do I need to be a native English speaker to join?
ALL nationalities and languages are welcome! WA(i)VE is for Woc (non-cis,trans,cis, non-binary woc) looking a safe, supportive, creative space where we can practice, improve, and share our art forms. We will be operating in English, however the WA(i)VE group is unique in the way that our aim is to expand the traditional boundaries of artistic expression and challenge the rules of language in order to make space for our individual vernacular voices.

Who moderates WA(i)VE?
My name is Rhea Ramjohn and I am a Trinbagonian-American creative writer in Berlin. My academic background is in English literature & theory, creative writing, education & cultural studies, and I have a passion for all forms of artistic expression in the POC community! I founded WA(i)VE as a platorm for woc artists to be able to connect, collaborate, and receive support in the creative expression process.



Become A Member

Would you like to see our space before joining? Come and visit our coworking space. Please fill out the form and our manager will get back asap.