ThesisSLAM – A Platform for Sharing Bachelor Theses Knowledge


19:30 - 22:00

Exerzierstrasse 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free, donations are welcome

ThesisSLAM: A platform for sharing B.A. theses knowledge.

During research for their Bachelor Thesis, undergraduate students accumulate a wealth of knowledge on specific topics. What happens with all this knowledge?

ThesisSLAM is an opportunity for everyone to share in and benefit from this knowledge. It is an opportunity to learn about a range of topics as students present the most interesting learnings from their Bachelor theses research, in just a few minutes!

How does urban nature manifests itself in Berlin today?
How have the indigenous people in the Ecuadorian Amazon been affected by the presence of the oil industry in their territories?
What happened when a Family Planning Programme was imposed in India under the 1975 State of Emergency led by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi?

Discover the answers to these questions and many more during the first ever ThesisSLAM in Berlin!

The following talks will be ‘slammed’ in under 10 minutes each:

▪ ‘The situation of Indigenous People in the Ecuadorian Amazon after the arrival of oil companies.’
▪ ‘India’s Dark History with Forced Sterilizations’
▪ ‘Brachen and the Appropriation of Urban Nature in Berlin’
▪ ‘Ideology in Twentieth Century Egypt: From Socialism to Nasserism’
▪ ‘Oldie but Goldie – The case for dated technologies in regard to stenographic practice in Germany’
▪ ‘Populism Was Trending’
▪ ‘The Soviet Union National Policies in the 1920’s’
▪ ‘Orientalism and Balkanism in Rebecca West’s “Black Lamb and Grey Falcon”
▪ ‘Photo Ecology: Claiming Back Reality’

Environmental Planning ➡ Human Rights ➡ Health and Reproduction ➡ Human Rights ➡ Populism ➡ Political Theory ➡ Language and Politics ➡ History ➡ Literature ➡ Photography

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This event is a collaboration between Tanya Sharma, TeachSurfing and be’kech Anti Cafe.

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