Noon Festival · Vogue Berlin · Film Screening & Talk


19:30 - 23:00

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are welcome

*** This event is part of Noon Festival · Queer History Month x Ramadan · be‘kech ***

► House of Melody presents: Vogue Berlin.
Hosted by Erkan Affan

THUR, May 16th, 2019
Start: 19:30 h

Join us for a screening of the now infamous ‘Paris is Burning, followed by a post-screening discussion with House of Melody members Arigato Melody, Eros Melody, Christopher Melody and Ria Melody.


Paris is Burning (1990) is a documentary by Jennie Livingston that focuses on the queer, trans* black & latinx community living in New York city – it draws attention to ballroom culture, the competitiveness of different houses, and the issues facing young queer and trans folks of colour in the late-20th century USA.


Almost thirty years down the line, what are the changes to the ballroom community and how has it become internationalised in places such as Berlin (and Europe more widely)?. Are there any negatives/positives about Paris is Burning that need to be discussed and re-contextualised? What is the future of the ballroom community in Berlin? These are all topics that will be discussed by our wonderfully talented speakers below, providing some insight into how the ballroom community exists today.


House of Melody was founded in 2012 by Mother Leo Melody and is the first German House. The active and creative works of HOM gained them notoriety and a reputation as a pioneering force of Voguing/Ballroom within Germany. Through regular classes, workshops, balls and festivals organised by HOM with invited international guests, they provide essential knowledge in order to be able to understand the complex structure of ballroom culture.

Ariclenes Garcia (aka Arigato Melody):

“I have had a couple of years of experience in different kinds of dance and art forms. I think that I can express myself through dance in a good way and that I can show other people how to express themselves through dance. I am in The House of Melody and I have also my own dance project called FutureV where I teach queer refugees & friends voguing and how to express themselves. From the Future V crew I have also created my own kiki house named ‘Kiki House of Arise'”. Get to know.

Jan Nwattu (aka Eros Melody)

Jan Nwattu was born 1997 in Minden, Germany. He is experienced as theater educator and studied media- and theaterscience the last years in Bochum, Germany. He just moved to Berlin and is making his first experiences in the ballroom scene.

Christopher Jon Munchakoopas (aka Christopher Melody)

Christopher Melody, queer poc, British, born and raised in Switzerland. Studied Psychology in England. Moved to Berlin to become a dancer. Active member of House of Melody, first german Ballroom house, teaching classes, giving workshops, promoting black queer culture around Europe.

Ria Melody gained experience and won several prizes in Voguing competitions across Europe. (Milkshake Festival Amsterdam, True Colors Ball Berlin, Get up Battle). She is also artistically involved in street festivals. (Fiktivia Media Art Festival, Museum Kunstrausch, Asphalt Festival). In addition, she played for some time in the Theater Dusseldorf. (Citizens stage)


7:30pm: Doors Open
8:15pm: Screening of Paris is Burning
9:30pm: Break
9:45pm: Post-screening discussion and Q&A with speakers.


This event is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards Masjid al-Rabia’s Black and Pink Crescent: There will be more information available at the event on the work that the project does, and please feel free to ask our team!


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