Lives in Favelas matter: Fundraising Herdeiros (Film)


19:30 - 23:00

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are welcome

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► Lives in favelas matter: Fundraising event for the film Herdeiros by Thais Nepomuceno (director)
Start: 19.30

it will take place at be’kech Gallery, which is at the other side of the anti’cafe street.
Exerzierstrasse 13


The favela Morro da Serrinha in Rio de Janeiro holds traditions and part of Brazilian History. It’s an important place that develops social-cultural projects and programs that engage youth; educating children and teenagers as a way to promote their education, heritage, and traditional performance arts perform in order to preserve the understanding of their ancestors’ culture. Most importantly, these projects empower youth and future generations.

“Herdeiros” is a documentary film about Morro da Serrinha. The story follows the residents of the area and their traditions. Starting at the very beginning of their saga, with Oral Traditions, the oldest people in the area share their knowledge through storytelling, narrating Jongo establishment in Morro da Serrinha and the birth of Samba.

The project has been partially filmed and is now launching their official website to help raise funds for production. The event will be the launch of the web page, the start of the project campaign, as well as the screening of the raw footage along with an open conversation about structural racism and genocide state.

According to research by the Demographic Institution in Brazil, there has been an increase of the murders of Black people by 33%. The number of homicides in Brazil has reached a number of 180 people per day and 75% of those are Black. Since the election of Rio’s governor Wilson Witzel, the number of Black people’s homicide has starkly risen. With the policy of shooting any citizen holding a weapon, the police have killed innocent Black people holding any object that might seem like a weapon. In August this year, in just one week the police killed 16 young innocent Black people. This event is taking place to discuss the police violence in Rio’s favelas.

The talk will be held by the film director Thais Nepomuceno and Tamera Bak, moderated by the Academicist and Activist Fernanda Oliveira Souza.

The team will be selling promotion material to support the film. Donations are encouraged. All the funds raised at the event will be directed to the film production.


Fernanda Oliveira de Souza is a Brazilian Woman of colour living in Cologne. In 2015 she has begun working as a political educator in Germany, since 2017 with special focus on racism, colonial continuities, and decolonization. She coordinates the project Allerweltshaus Dekolonial which focuses on empowerment, networking, self-engagement and training for and by BPoCs within the political educational field.

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Born in Carnaval season in Rio de Janeiro, grew up in a favela called Vigário Geral. Art was a transforming tool in her life, though it worked in Social Projects, TV Broadcasters, accomplish a Cinema School and a Master in Audiovisual diploma. In 2017, had first experience working in documentary production as Researcher for the movie “Clandestine Soul”, about a Brazilian political refugee who lived in West Berlin during the 70s.

Tamera Bak comes from Rio de Janeiro and is currently based in Berlin. She sings and plays Baile Funk songs, protesting against the political situation in Brazil and talking about her experiences as a POC musician in dance and on stage. It’s not just about dance, it’s about the fight for free movement.

This event is open to all. We would kindly suggest donations for the speakers for their time and labour – we look forward to seeing you there! Please support our space by ordering a drink or two!


be’kech Gallery [anticafé · coworking space · bar] Exerzierstr. 13
13357 Berlin- Wedding
(U8 + U9/ Pankstr., Osloer Str.)

LINKS · (web under construction, will be released at the event)
Art: Syennie Valeria

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