Live at be’kech: Shingo Masuda


19:00 - 22:00

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

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Live- Konzert im be’kech – jeden Donnerstag
► 26. Juli mit Shingo Masuda

Shingo Masuda​, geboren 1986 in #Osaka, ist ein japanischer Kanun-Spieler. Ausgebildet wurde er in Klavier und Percussion. 2009 wendete er sich dem Kanun (orientalische Zither) zu, das ihm von arabischen Musiker*innen in Japan ans Herz gelegt worden war. Masuda reiste durch Ägypten, Tunesien, die Türkei und Griechenland, wo er die Grundlagen des Kanunspiels und der orientalischen Musik erlernte. Seitdem trat er bei zahlreichen Festivals, im Programm der Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK sowie in Tempeln und Schreinen in Japan auf. Masuda spielte in verschiedenen Ensembles unterschiedlicher musikalischer Genres und arbeitete mit zahlreichen Musiker*innen, Tänzer*innen und Künstler*innen zusammen. Seit 2012 gibt er jährlich Konzerte in Taiwan. 2016 trat er mit der Gruppe „Nara Score“ (奈良楽譜) beim World Music Oreum Concert auf der südkoreanischen Insel Jeju auf.

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Live concert at be’kech– every Thursday
► 26 July with Shingo Masuda

Shingo Masuda is a Japanese kanun player, who is from Nara and was born in Osaka, Japan in 1986.
He started learning the piano when he was a child and later experienced playing the percussion, so he had performed at gigs as a pianist before he started playing the Kanun.
In 2009, since some Arabic music players in Japan recommended him playing the kanun and Arabic music, he went to Cairo, Egypt with a firm determination to learn both.
He learned the basics of Kanun from some Kanun masters such as Saber Abdelsattar during his two-month stay in Egypt.
Besides Egypt, he then went to Tunis (Tunisia), Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara (Turkey), Crete and Athens (Greece), where he learned kanun technique and modal music theory of Arabic/Turkish music.
During his career, he has performed in various situations such as at some big/small festivals, for the program of Japan Broadcasting Corporation, at some temples and shrines and so on.

Shingo also performed at the World Music Oreum Concert (as a part of “East Asia Cultural City” hosted by Nara Prefecture) in Jeju Island, South Korea as a member of “Nara Gakufu” (Nara Score).

In 2017, he participated in the ethnic musical competition in Astana, Kazakhstan, where various Central Asian music/dance inspired him with ideas for his own music. In March 2017, he moved to Berlin to broaden his horizons. He plays with many musicians from various countries, such as Germany, Syria, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Japan, France, Italy, US, Palestine and so on.

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Admission is free – donations are welcome


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