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18:30 - 21:30

Linienstraße 65A, 10119 Berlin, Germany

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** This event is part of ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future **

‘ISUSU’ means ‘us’ in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa. ✨

· Panel Discussion · Reception · Open Bar · Limited Spots

MON, Aug 19th, 2019
Start: 18:30 h

**Location **
This event will take place at iac Berlin

In 2018, Nora Chirikure, the curator of the ISUSU Pan-African Festival, wrote her thesis on the informal sector in Zimbabwe. Using a qualitative research approach, Nora hoped to shift the discourse surrounding the marginalised group from a narrative of vulnerability and helplessness, which creates an impression that solutions to their challenges should come from external parties, to a discourse that gives the traders a sense of agency and portrays them as capable of coming up with solutions for themselves. Similar to the portrayal of informal traders in developing countries, there are many perspectives of African people that are greatly misunderstood and misrepresented based on a biased, quasi-colonial western viewpoint which deprives individuals of their agency. In an attempt to explore ways in which African*, particularly those marginalised, narratives can be told in a way that is more empowering, panelists will discuss the ways in which they are creating spaces for marginalised groups and the tools they use to create more empowering African narratives.

Three of the panelists, Levinia Pienaar, Thandiwe Majama and Lorna Queenie, are working with various grassroots organisations in South Africa, Botswana and Uganda, respectively. We are curious to hear from them how they make sure that the voices of those who they are working with are heard. In addition, we look forward to hearing from Patrick Mpedzisi whose work includes “restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity and promoting African ownership of the evolution of our cultures”. Thus following the theme ‘Storytelling for Social Justice’, the discussion will focus on ways in which marginalised stories from Africa can be told in a way that won’t infantilize Africans*.

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· Patrick Mpedzisi (Zimbabwe) ·

Patrick Mpedzisi is an organisational development consultant with over 18 years’ experience in the Non Profit Sector. During this time he opened up various processes for CSOs in Africa to engage in regional processes. He has managed major CSO initiatives, led regional campaigns and built civil society capacities across the continent. He now focuses on building NGO capacities to be more effective and responsive to their challenges. A lawyer by profession, he also founded, a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity and promoting ownership of the evolution of culture.

· Thandiwe Majama (Botswana) ·

Thandiwe is a social activist turned social entrepreneur by founding her venture T-Recs, a sustainable fashion brand that aims to inspire Eco-conscious behaviour within communities through fashion and community activities. Thandiwe has over 5 years experience working with and organizing community engagements activities as volunteer for an organization called Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), where she recently facilitated the translation of the SDGs into a local language-Setswana and is part of the team that currently runs an SDG monitoring and evaluation initiative called the Citizen’s Report.

· Levinia Pienaar (South Africa) ·

Levinia is a Gender activist, photographer, giving voices to ordinary women in Rural Western Cape by documenting their stories. She documented brutal lesbian killings and –funerals as well as the National Shutdown on 1 August 2018. Levinia is currently training young people how to use a camera and documenting their own stories. In addition, she is writing a book of ordinary women doing extraordinary things over the years in Rural Western Cape. Furthermore, Levinia has registered a company called LeNica Productions PTY(ltd) – documenting, filmmaking, empowering girls and women through a camera and writing.

· Leku Lorna Queenie (Uganda) ·

Leku Lorna Queenie is a Ugandan currently living and studying in Berlin at the TH Wildau. She’s a strong believer in the power of economic independence, education, solidarity, knowledge of self as a few of the arsenal Africa can use in her “reawakening”. She’s also involved in empowering the women in her community back home through “Mutima Outreach Ministries Uganda”.

Moderated by · Nora Chirikure ·

Nora is the curator of the ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 and entrepreneur-in-residence at be’kech. She is a Zimbabwean-German, who studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. She is passionate about promoting Pan-African ideas through hosting discussions, film screenings and exhibitions. Alongside event management, Nora is doing research on sustainability, inclusivity and ease of doing business in Africa.


This event is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards the artists and speakers.

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