ISUSU · Homage to Binyavanga · Readings · Music · Film

Starts 23/08/2019
Ends 24/08/2019

19:30 - 0:00

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are encouraged

** This event is part of ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future **

‘ISUSU’ means ‘us’ in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa. ✨

► HOMAGE TO Binyavanga Wainaina
· Readings · Talk · Live Music · Film Screening

FRI, Aug 23rd, 2019
Start: 19:30 at be’kech

“He worshipped life. Dived into it head first, broke his head on the rocks. Didn’t matter. The rocks also shattered. & out of old fragments, ten thousand still lives rub open their eyes and emerge.”

Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor’s words beautifully capture late Binyavanga Wainaina’s being in the world. He not only shattered many rocks, he inspired and pushed forward countless people and their artistic and political endeavors. He was radically generous. His being and his words had a way of tickling the best and most daring things out of us. This evening is a tribute to the Binj, featuring contributions by some of those ten thousand still lives. With Lamin Fofana , Serubiri Moses, Anna Jäger, Sajan Mani, Musa Okwonga, Saskia Köbschall, Sahad Sarr, Nathalie Mba Bikoro.

During this event, Matilda TheeGreat will also read from her poetry novel ‘The Foreign Me’. Mark Ivan Mukiibi Serunjogi, from the Männerizm, will also be part of this special event. Before he performs with his band, he will speak on what inspires his music which explores masculine vulnerability, empowering statements, and danceable beats. ✨


· Amora Bosco ·

Amora Bosco is a spoken word Performer and Life Skills Facilitator based in Berlin, Germany. Her mission is to bring about positive change in the lives of African and African diasporic women in Europe, dealing with issues like social justice, health and education by means of performance poetry. She is giving underprivileged Black women a voice so their problems become known. She is creating a safe space for them in order to talk freely and openly. She teaches young Black girls how to relate to one another and creates dynamic opportunities for them to live up to their full potential. Amora is the pioneer of Poetry_lab a creative writing mentoring Program Growing up in Mombasa’s thriving hip hop scene Bosco performed, recorded music, and cofounded an artist network and event management organisation focused on promoting Kenyan hip hop acts. Bosco facilitates Workshops on a range of topics.

· Matilda TheeGreat ·

“My name is Matilda TheeGreat and I am representing my forefathers and Mothers as a living Afrakan monument. I am an author of a well written meditating poetry book: The Foreign Me!. I am promoting my book under the theme: Foreignism and eXISTANCE. My foreignism started the time and the day, when the White settlers interrupted with my Afrakanism (History, identity, religion and culture). Idlozi lam’ fought an endless battles of survival, which I am still smarting from their smack of White Supremacy. I am writing wickedness wicked healing pieces to reclaim my eXISTANCE of being in war with my 400 year enemies that wanted to be treated like victims suddenly. It is my responsibility to tell our history in a way that no one has ever done before through rewriting our Afrakan History.”

· Männerizm ·

Männerizm is a Canadian/Danish Electro-Soul duo based in Berlin. Combining electronic sounds and soulful vocals the band explores masculine vulnerability, empowering statements, and danceable beats. It’s okay to feel something and be moved.


This event is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards the artists and speakers.

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