ISUSU · German Colonial History Walking Tour · Kofi Shakur


15:00 - 18:00

Afrikanische Straße

Admission is free - donations are encouraged

** This event is part of ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future **

‘ISUSU’ means ‘us’ in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa. ✨

· Walking Tour · w/ Kofi Shakur

SAT, Aug 24th, 2019
Start: 15:00 h (on time)

**Location **
The walk will start at U Afrikanische Straße *

Kofi Shakur is a student of social sciences, who considers himself a marxist, and is using the method of historical materialism while researching. In addition, Kofi writes about colonialism, racism, Pan- African resistance and other working class related issues. Through this tour Kofi Shakur aims to highlight the process of colonization and give people an understanding of how german colonialism has worked.

The tour will start at the U-Bahn station Afrikanische Straße. Thereafter, we will proceed to nearby streets and walk through the Togo-Garden-Colony.

We look forward to you joining us! ✨

· Links to articles by Kofi Shakur ·


This tour is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards Kofi.


We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. Events organised through Be’kech provide a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other.

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