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18:30 - 21:30

Togostraße 76, 13351 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are encouraged

*** This event is part of ISUSU Pan-African Festival 2019 · Black to the Future **

‘ISUSU’ means ‘us’ in Shona. This festival aims to bring us together as Africans* (diaspora) to celebrate ourselves while shedding lights on an intersectional, sustainable and queer Africa. ✨

► African* Values and Ownership & connecting with Nature
· Film Screening · Talk · Workshop

WED, Aug 21th, 2019
Start: 18:30 h

**Location **
This event will take place at Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.

Culture plays a significant role in conserving the environment in many countries in Africa. Through indigenous knowledge which exists as stories, songs, folklore, proverbs, cultural values, norms, beliefs, rituals, local languages and agricultural practices there is strong evidence that Africans have always sought to live sustainably within their environment. These traditional or cultural practices are ingeniously designed to address local ecological limitations by maintaining a sustainable utilization and protection of commonly shared natural resources.

The evening will kick off with the screening of the film Ayɛwohomumɔ, a short, poetic portrait of winter and the “winter blues”. Thereafter, we will read a text by Patrick Mpedzisi where he explores some of those proverbial learnings, the totemic approaches and the spiritual underpinnings which highlight the environmental protection philosophies of the Shona people in particular as well as the bantus in general. Proverbs have provided advisory, reflective and philosophical foundations upon which sustainable lifestyles were premised. Thereafter, we look forward to a presentation by Kave Bulambo whose work involves creating employment in the DRC whilst maintaining and preserving the earth through the company Umoja Coffee. Lastly, Thandiwe Majama, a social entrepreneur promoting Eco-conscious behaviour within communities through fashion and community activities, will conduct a brief co-creative workshop on environmental protection.

► About Ayɛwohomumɔ (You Have Made Yourself Wretched)

Looking out her window at one of Europe’s rainiest cities, a self-described pluviophile (lover of rain) reminisces about the tropical storms of her Ghanaian childhood. Drawing upon Akan traditions for naming the months, Ayɛwohomumɔ is a short, poetic portrait of winter and the “winter blues” in Belgium.

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· Nnenna Onuoha ·

Nnenna is a Ghanaian-Nigerian with a passion for words and moving images. Her work examines moments of encounter between her West African heritage and the various elsewheres she also calls home. Nnenna holds degrees in Anthropology, History, and Documentary Filmmaking from Harvard University, the University of Cambridge, and DocNomads respectively. She currently works as a Researcher/Visual Anthropologist at the Humboldt Universität and Museum für Naturkunde.

· Kave Bulambo ·

Kave Bulambo is the Founder of My Career Path a career coaching company helping young professionals in Germany to find jobs and build meaningful work. Previous to starting the company Kave moved to Germany to pursue a Masters degree in Public Management with a focus on global public policy at the University of Potsdam, she also worked for different startups in Berlin in Talent Acquisition. In May 2019 Kave and her cofounder, Tanja started an initiative called UMOJA DRC, to promote the natural potential and the need for protecting DRC’s immeasurable natural biodiversity. The best way to do this is to take care of the people working on the land and hence UMOJA COFFEE was born. This summer they spent three weeks traveling throughout the Eastern DRC and have returned to begin their part of the work.

· Thandiwe Majama (Botswana) ·

Thandiwe is a social activist turned social entrepreneur by founding her venture T-Recs, a sustainable fashion brand that aims to inspire Eco-conscious behaviour within communities through fashion and community activities. Thandiwe has over 5 years experience working with and organizing community engagements activities as volunteer for an organization called Youth Alliance for Leadership and Development in Africa (YALDA), where she recently facilitated the translation of the SDGs into a local language-Setswana and is part of the team that currently runs an SDG monitoring and evaluation initiative called the Citizen’s Report.

· Patrick Mpedzisi (Zimbabwe) ·

Patrick Mpedzisi is an organisational development consultant with over 18 years’ experience in the Non Profit Sector. During this time he opened up various processes for CSOs in Africa to engage in regional processes. He has managed major CSO initiatives, led regional campaigns and built civil society capacities across the continent. He now focuses on building NGO capacities to be more effective and responsive to their challenges. A lawyer by profession, he also founded, a platform for restoring, preserving and celebrating African culture and identity and promoting ownership of the evolution of culture.


This event is free to attend and open to all – donations are strongly recommended, as all proceeds will be going towards Each One Teach One.

Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.
Togostraße 76,
13351 Berlin


We have no place for sexism, queerphobia, transphobia, any form of racism or discrimination such as anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish racism, and any sort of violent or aggressive behaviour. be’kech is a safe space for all, an open forum for dialogue, criticism and a place where we stand up for each other. If someone/something is bothering you, please approach a member of staff who are here to help!

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