Artist Talk with Sara Qaed


19:30 - 21:30

Exerzierstr. 14, 13357 Berlin

Admission is free - donations are welcome

► 6 July, 2019 featuring Sara Qaed

The Bahraini artist will be talking about her art, her convictions, and the life that led to those, in an artist talk presented by Amany Al Siefy of the Ibn Rushd Fund.

Start: 19.30


Sara won the 19th Ibn Rushd Prize for Freedom of Thought, this year given in the field of caricature. The prize called for “a caricaturist who currently criticizes or ridicules political, religious or social leaders and authorities, focussing on their repressive, authoritarian, sectarian and/or discriminatory stances, thoughts and/or behaviour. By doing so, the caricaturist intends to promote ideas pertaining to humanism, human rights and freedom of Thought. The caricatures must have a high reach.”

In many countries of the Arab World, both present and future are bleak and without much of a chance for the people of taking part in changing their countries’ fates. Caricaturists are triggered by political and economic circumstances, and, through their work, register people’s anger, giving a voice to their protest and their needs – crossing social, educational and cultural barriers. Comics and cartoons, and, more recently, graphic novels, have been thriving in the Arab World, a region where freedom of speech is rare. Opposing dominant views and regimes is severely sanctioned, and making fun of authorities can be a most dangerous enterprise.

Come and join us for the talk with Sara to discover her thoughts, convictions and her art – some printouts as samples of her work will be displayed.


Sara possesses a rare ability to create art ridiculing repressive and authoritarian regimes while bearing strong messages about humanitarian issues such as migration and flight. Her work demonstrates exceptional technical skills and semiotics, which she employs to push caricaturing and cartooning beyond the known format of the art.

She began working as a journalist in 2009 and published her work in local, Arab and International newspapers. An activist, Sara tried to reach an international audience then as much as now, also through the skilful use of social media. She is also part of a collective to promote the art of caricature, and makes a point about disseminating her art by giving workshops for adults and children.

This event is free to attend and open to all. We would kindly suggest donations for our speakers for their time and labour – we look forward to seeing you there! Please support our space by ordering a drink or two!

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